Are you a Teamster from Local 170?

 Your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Grandfather, Grandmother, Great Grandfather, Cousin, Uncle, Aunt, Great  Uncle....Any one in your family? Purchase or Sell any Real Estate from Duane Papetti of A-1 Realty of Central  MA  and you qualify for a discount on your Attorneys Fees towards a Real Estate Closing 

(Must Use Attorney  Richard  Rafferty Jr. of Worcester) $250 or more, and A-1 Realty of Central MA will donate $250 to the Teamsters  Local  170 Scholarship Fund in your Teamsters name and Past President Bill Papetti's name. This money does  not  come from you. This Discount on Attorneys Fees and Donation To The Scholarship Fund Come Directly from  A-1  Realty of Central MA. Call Us at 508-868-4662 to inquire about this offer. This offer must be discussed prior  to  signing a purchase and sales contract for any real estate purchase or sale..